Upland Ventile Cap,  Upland Gloves
Upland Ventile Cap

In a fine gun store, not so long ago, Mr. Charles Jordan, Sr. was told that if he would buy another gun, the proprietor would give him 7 hats. To this he replied; "I only have one head, and my son's ventile cap already outfits it!" Highly water resistant and very comfortable, a good cap is a fine friend. And how does it feel? Just call Mr. Jordan, Sr. in Ecuador and ask him. If he is not chasing zumbadores or perdices with his new 20 gauge, we guarantee he will gladly tell you what you want to hear. Made in the United States.
Item no. 3
One size fits all

Upland Gloves

Rich burgundy in color and very durable, our deerskin upland gloves are comfortable to wear. With a snap closure at the base of the glove, they allow you to have a full, tight grip on your gun. These gloves will also protect your hands from the toughest thorns and briars. Imported.
Item no. 4
s, m, l, and xl
Custom inseam. dry clean.

Evarts and Jordan

Toronto, ON