Upland Strap Vest
Upland Strap Vest

Warm weather requires lightweight, yet durable garments. Made with 10 Mile-Plus fabric, we trust you will greatly enjoy our upland strap vest. With a waterproof lined game pouch in the back, two side pockets for a water bottle and camera, and Spanish-woven shoulder straps, it is possibly the best strap vest ever made. By the way, do not let us mislead you; this vest, over our double layered Ventile coat is one of the most useful garments you could wear afield during the cold winter months of our always too short bird season. Made in the United States.
One size fits all.

Item no. 6
Upland orange: $169.00

Item no. 7
Desert khaki: $169.00

Evarts and Jordan

Toronto, ON