Classic Shooting Speed Bags
Classic Shooting Speed Bags

Ffrom sporting clays to driven birds, our speed bags will easily and comfortably hang around your shoulder. In short, they are an indispensable piece of gear. With durable brass hardware and a "belt-ring" connection on each side, the shoulder straps are adjustable in length to meet your most preferred height. Our large speed bags hold up to 125 shells and our small ones will accommodate 50. With all the advantages they possess, we hope you enjoy these speed bags on your next shooting escapade. Made in Spain.
Item no. 21
Small canvas/leather: $150.00

Item no. 22
Large canvas/leather: $200.00

Item no. 23
Small leather: $210.00

Item no. 24
Large leather: $260.00

Evarts and Jordan

Toronto, ON