The Belton Sporting Clay Vest
The Belton
Sporting Clay Vest

Comfort is a fundamental factor when shooting clay targets. We designed our vest to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding clay shooters around the world. Freedom of movement, pocket design, and breathability were among the many features that were given the utmost attention. Made from Ultrasuede HP, we are confident you will find this vest to be a delight on any course. There are over 1400 sporting clays courses in the United States today. At Evarts & Jordan, we hope you find the time to shoot in every one of them. Made in England.
Sizes: m(38-40) l(42-44) xl(46-48) xxl(50-52).

Item no. 25
Moorland heather: $280.00

Item no. 26
Moss/ peat: $280.00

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