Sporting Clays Side Pouches with Belt,  Sporting Clays Gloves
Sporting Clays
Side Pouches with Belt

On a clays course down south, we came upon another group of shooters heading toward a different station. As we passed them I asked, "how is it going?" Without hesitation, a gentleman replied, "About the only positive thing that's happened today is every time I've pulled the trigger the gun has fired!" We take our hats off to someone who can keep a sense of humor on the course. We know how frustrating clays can be, even though "fun" is the name of this game. We hope our functional and beautiful side pouches will help you to break more birds and take your enjoyment of clays to a new level. Made in Spain.
Item no. 27
canvas & leather: $130.00

Item no. 28
Leather: $180.00

Sporting Clays Gloves

Designed with a little extra leather between the thumb and forefinger (to reduce tension when gripping your gun,) and a back snap that allows a secure fit, our sporting clays gloves are also well ventilated for maximum comfort and control. You cannot afford to loosen your grip on any crossing "simo" or "springing teal," as doing so may result in missed targets and shocking language. Our gloves will help to prevent both. Imported.
Item no. 29
Sizes: s, m, l ,xl
$ 60.00

Evarts and Jordan

Toronto, ON